Month: March 2020

March 18 2020

      MHz Block UTC ITU Ensemble + Location Details Remarks km 178.35 5C 0658 D DR Deutschland, Düsseldorf/Rheinturm (nrw) 145km 195.94 8A 0819 F LILLE Etendu, Lille/Bouvigny le Mont [62] (59) 159km 178.35 5C 0820 D DR Deutschland, Ebbegebirge Herscheid (nrw) 214km Map

March 13 2020 – Qt-DAB 3.3 released

    Today Jan Van Katwijk released Qt-DAB 3.3. Dowload it here. “Qt-DAB 3.3. has some new features compared to 2.1. The change in configuration is being addressed (although there will be still a minor discontinuity in the output). Audio subservices will now show on the services list and – as an experiment – a…

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