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February 28 2024

MHz Block UTC ITU Ensemble + Location Details Remarks km204.64 9B 0810 D Antenne DE, Habichtswald (hes) 325km190.64 7B 0840 D hr Radio, Großer Feldberg (Taunus)/hr (hes) 277km190.64 7B 0840 D hr Radio, Sackpfeife (Biedenkopf) (hes) 267km Map

February 27 2024 – Qt_DAB-6.5 final

Jan Van Katwijk has released Qt_DAB-6.5, no more Beta now. Also version 6.4 is no longer maintained.As in previous editions there’s a 32 and 64 bit Windows version. The 64 bit version supports RTL-SDRV4 only and has issues with some types of slides.Download Qt-DAB here.