July 16 2022 – stacked FUBA

Today I replaced my stacked Emme Esse log-periodic band III DAB antennas.
They were installed on November 3 2020 and they performed brilliantly.
However they are extremely fragile and elements get easily bent.
More details on the Emme Esse: click here.

They are now replaced with two FUBA DAT 307 antennas.
The Emme Esse elements are 5 mm thick while the FUBA elements are 10 mm.
This makes the aerial really sturdy. Unlike the Emme Esse the FUBA aerials are not log-periodics but Yagis.


  • Length: 1350 mm
  • Elements: 7
  • Frequency range: 174-230 MHz
  • Gain: max. 10dB
  • Polarisation: horizontal/vertical
  • Connection: F-type connector
  • Weight: 0.900 kg

  • Price: about 100 euros for two aerials

How are they stacked?
Spacing: 150 cm apart.

(Update August 13 2022: now 188 cm apart (1.25 wavelength) and nooelec LNA next to the antennas)
Each antenna is hooked up to the combiner with a 150 cm Belden H125 coax

Comparing the stacked Emme Esse log-periodics to the FUBA Yagis after a few hours of testing.

  • Both aerials perform very well and the gain seems to be on par, with perhaps a slightly better performance for the FUBAs.
  • The FUBAs have smaller beam width so pointing the antennas to a weak mux should be done carefully.
  • Tuning to 8A Lille during in the afternoon with no lift at all worked well.
  • 9B and 9D were received all afternoon with no lift. The Emme Esse aren’t always able to do so.
  • 5C from Germany could only be received sporadically in the afternoon, which is about the same as with the Emme Esse.
  • Overall this antenna is certainly good value for your money.


Stacked FUBA DAT 307