February 21 2023 – QIRX layout

With QIRX 4.0.0 Clem Schmidt introduced an inconspicuous but ever so useful feature: saving, resetting and loading your QIRX layout.
The layout menu can be found at the top right of the title bar by right clicking on the Screen Layout button.

Screen Layout Menu

  • How to proceed to save your layout?

1. Make a folder like ‘My Layout’ to save your layout, preferably in your QIRX folder: C:\Users\***\AppData\Local\qirx4\My Layout
2. Choose ‘Save Layout As’ and navigate to the new folder and choose that folder.

  • Is your layout all mixed up and you want to restore your saved layout?

(1. Reset Layout)
2. Load Layout

  • Sharing your layout with another user is easy.

1.Just zip and share your layout folder and the other user unzips it in a new folder in his QIRX folder.
2. You could have several layout folders and switch between different layouts.

  • Mind you:

1. Save your layout before trying new ones.
2. Shared layouts can be a bit different due to different screen sizes. The other user’s layout screenshot might not be that useful on your screen.
3. The easiest way to change layout is when QIRX is running. If you change the layout with no receiver on it might all be a bit garbled.
4. Enjoy this Screen Layout feature!

My current layout.
Download my zipped layout.

My layout with a docked map.
Download my zipped layout with a docked map.