September 17 2020

MHz Block UTC ITU Ensemble + Location Details Remarks km
190.64 7B 0335 D hr Radio, Rimberg (hes) 333km
178.35 5C 0336 D DR Deutschland, Siegen Süd (nrw) 233km
197.65 8B 0337 D MDR THUERINGEN, Inselsberg (thü) 403km
197.65 8B 0342 D MDR THUERINGEN, Kreuzberg (Rhön) (bay) 377km


September 16 2020

MHz Block UTC ITU Ensemble + Location Details Remarks km
183.65 6B 0422 HOL 6B Oost-Noord NL, Arnhem/TenneT Toren (gel) 136km
192.35 7C 0424 F Lille-Local, Lille/Lambersart (59) 124km
208.06 9D 0439 HOL 9D Noord-West NL, Wieringerwerf/Robbenoordbos (nho) 214km
208.06 9D 0439 HOL 9D Noord-West NL, Jirnsum/Rijksweg (fri) 244km
194.06 7D 0511 F LILLE Local 2, Lille/Fort de Mons-en-Barœul (59) 119km
195.94 8A 0514 F LILLE Etendu, Lille/Bouvigny le Mont 62 159km
197.65 8B 0720 HOL RANDSTAD-ZW, Zoetermeer/Dunanstraat (zho) 119km
204.64 9B 0750 HOL DAB Lokaal 50, Delft/César Franckstraat (zho) 114km
225.65 12B 1000 G BBC National DAB, Dover (EN-KNT) 243km tent. location. No TII received.
190.64 7B 2009 D hr Radio, Großer Feldberg (Taunus)/hr (hes) 277km
195.94 8A 2022 HOL 8A Randstad NL, IJsselstein/Gerbrandytoren (utr) 115km
195.94 8A 2029 HOL 8A Randstad NL, Hilversum/Media Park (nho) 142km

BBC National DAB


September 12 2020

MHz Block UTC ITU Ensemble + Location Details Remarks km
190.64 7B 0726 D hr Radio, Kreuzberg (Rhön) (bay) 377km
178.35 5C 1449 D DR Deutschland, Ebbegebirge Herscheid (nrw) 214km

Sender Kreuzberg
Sender Kreuzberg
Sender Ebbegebirge
Sender Ebbegebirge


September 5 2020 – Qt-DAB 3.5.3 released

Today Jan Van Katwijk released QT-dab 3.5.3.
Download it here.

“Qt-DAB 3.5.3 is an intermediate release, bringing colour to the GUI.
Since colouring is rather personal I avoided it for quite a while, but now, the days are shortening, the weather is gray, so it is really time for easy customizable colouring of GUI elements.
For the 18 buttons and the 3 scopes setting a colour is easy, clicking with the right mouse button will show a menu for selecting 2 colours for the buttons (button base and button text)
or 3 colours (display base, grid, and curve).”


QT-dab 3.5.3

September 4 2020

MHz UTC ITU Program + Location Details Remarks km
70.91 1658 UKR Radio Mariya v Ukraini, Vinnytsya/VFKRRT, vul. Maksymovycha, 23 (VI) // web 1694km
71.93 1701 UKR UR 3 Radio Kul’tura, Bershad’/Balanivka, VFKRRT (VI) // web 1791km
73.73 1706 UKR Radio Mariya v Ukraini, Kul’chiyivtsi/KHFKRRT, vul. Tsentral’na, 52/1 (KM) // web 1595km