Month: August 2020

August 16 2020 – Qt-DAB 3.5.2

On August 4 Jan Van Katwijk updated QT-dab to version 3.5.2. You can download it here. Frequency synchronization has been optimized. QT-dab 3.5.2 is more stable and suffers less from audio hickups. QT-dab 3.5.2 now beats Qirx in decoding DAB+-data.

August 9 2020

    MHz Block UTC ITU Ensemble + Location Details Remarks km 209.94 10A 0324 D NDR NDS OS, Osnabrück/Dörenberg (Grafensundern) (nds) 265km 222.06 11D 0407 D Radio fuer NRW, Düsseldorf/Rheinturm (nrw) 145km 195.94 8A 0414 HOL 8A Randstad NL, Rotterdam/Cellnex Toren Waalhaven (zho) 100km 197.65 8B 0738 HOL 8B RegioMiddenNH, Heiloo/De Spindel (nho) 177km…

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