Month: July 2021

July 30 2021

MHz UTC ITU Program + Location Details Remarks km89.70 1232 BIH Radio Ilijaš, Ilijaš/Karašnica (sar) PI logged: F340 1282km87.80 1234 BIH Radiopostaja Mir Medugorje, Banja Luka/Petricevac-Franjevacki samostan (srp) or Jajce / Suhi Vrh? PI logged: F24B 1156km89.80 1234 BIH Radio M, Zenica/Klopacke stijene (znc) PI logged: F279 PS logged: RADIO_M_ 1244km 89.30 1236 BIH Radio…

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July 27 2021

MHz UTC ITU Program + Location Details Remarks km70.28 0810 BLR BR Radio Stalitsa/OIRT, Smetanichi/RTPS (GO) 1641km69.11 0812 BLR BR Radio Stalitsa/OIRT, Bragin/RTPS (GO) 1765km67.22 0813 BLR BR Pershy Kanal/OIRT, Smetanichi/RTPS (GO) 1641km68.00 0813 BLR BR Kanal Kultura/OIRT, Smetanichi/RTPS (GO) 1641km69.08 0815 BLR BR Radio Brest/OIRT, Pinsk/RTPS Posenichi (BR) 1475km70.79 0816 UKR Svitle radio Emmanuyil,…

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July 24 2021 – QT-DAB 4.0 released

Today Jan Van Katwijk released QT-DAB 4.0.What’s new? Since the original version of 3.7 came, many changes have been applied. Latest changes were adding filters to Lime and rtlsdr handler and adding a button on the main widget. Download QT-DAB 4.0 here. Using and RTL-SDR some fiddling with the settings is needed and will definitely…

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July 23 2021

MHz Block UTC ITU Ensemble + Location Details Remarks km211.65 10B 0427 G Sussex, Truleigh Hill (Shoreham) (EN-WSU) 349km211.65 10B 0427 G Sussex, Heathfield (EN-ESU) 314km211.65 10B 0428 G Sussex, Brighton/Whitehawk Hill (EN-ESU) 339km 218.64 11B 0429 F Paris-Etendu, Paris/Hotel Hyatt Regency Paris Etoile (75) 293km218.64 11B 0429 F Paris-Etendu, Bagnolet(Paris)/Tour Mercuriales Ouest (93) 288km…

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July 22 2021 – QIRX 3.1.5 released

Clem Schmidt released QIRX 3.1.5. What’s new? Fix of the “Audio Loss” error.GUI: “Home” button, to reach the data directory easily.NFM Demodulator: De-emphasis of 750us.NFM, AM Demodulators: Audio Filter 200Hz – 4kHzRF Spectrum Display: X-Zoom position persisted. Download QIRX 3.1.5 here. View the QIRX history page here.