Month: April 2024

April 12 2024

MHz Block UTC ITU Ensemble + Location Details Remarks km176.64 5B 0522 BEL NAM-LUX 1, La Roche-en-Ardenne DAB 108km195.94 8A 0524 BEL Ostbelgien 8A, Amel/Meyerode (wal-lge) 128km190.64 7B 0529 D hr Radio, Sackpfeife (Biedenkopf) (hes) 267km190.64 7B 0534 D hr Radio, Hohe Wurzel (hes) 261km185.36 6C 0551 BEL NAM-LUX 2, La Roche-en-Ardenne DAB 108km202.93 9A…

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April 11 2024 Qt-DAB-6.X update

Jan Van Katwijk has updated Qt-DAB-6.X today. Download Qt-DAB-6.X here. Download the latest manual here. The update seems minor but is of importance for DXing and scanning.All logged TIIs (transmitter location, distance, azimuth and HASL) are now not only visible in the new dx display but are also logged and retained in the scan file…

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April 5 2024 – Qt-DAB-6.X released

Jan Van Katwijk has released Qt-DAB-6.X. As always there are different version of this software.Download Qt-DAB here. What’s new in Qt-DAB-6.X?First of all there’s the dx display widget showing all received TTI’s and transmitter info.The size and position are retained for the next Qt session. The strongest received location is at the top with a…

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