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April 16 2021 – LNA and DAB

The other day I bought a Low Noise Amplifier from Amazon UK. The device is designed by Inspired by Nils Schiffhauer’s review of Qirx 3.1.2 Beta (part 1 and part 2) it was time to check out the RTL-SDR + LNA + Qirx 3.1.2 Beta combo. Data was always gathered in the same time…

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April 7 2021 – Qt-DAB 3.71 released

Today Jan Van Katwijk released Qt-DAB 3.71.What’s new?Qt-DAB 3.71 differs only in two details from the 3.7 version1. for Linux only, it is possible to configure for use with pluto-rxtx rather than pluto, in which case – on selecting pluto as device – the audio output is transmitted as stereo FM signal, augmented with the…

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April 4 2021 – QIRX 3.1.2 Beta released

Clem Schmidt today released QIRX 3.1.2 Beta.DAB: an audio spectrum has been added. The audio dropouts problem with RTL-SDR dongles, due to sporadic sample losses, has been tackled.WFM: new stereo decoder and a de-emphasis filter. Tons of small errors cleaned, like the empty small tooltip boxes. Let the installer delete your qirx3.config, because the new…

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