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July 31 2022 – QIRX 4.0.1 Update

Brand new QIRX 4.0.0 had a minor update to 4.0.1 today. Download it here. What is new? Scrollbar in all DAB Windows. Receivers can be renamed in the settings. RSP3_tcp.exe V0.3.4 and new sdrplay_api.dll included in the installer. Zoom slider removed; use the mouse wheel. Dim slider repositioned to the left.(Abridged from the QIRX History…

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July 27 2022 -QIRX 4.0.0 released

Yesterday evening Clem Schmidt released a major new version of QIRX and the changes are massive.Highlights of the changes (abridged from this page): QIRX 4.0.0 now needs activating with a licence key after a 15-day demo. The fee is 20 euros. More info here. QIRX now uses a docking system to place receivers and widget…

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June 28 2022 – QT-DAB 4.4.2 released

This morning Jan Van Katwijk released QT-DAB 4.4.2. There’s an .exe and a AppImage on his release page. What’s new in 4.4.2?1. The furthest transmitter is now always show at the top of the list.2. Lay-out brush-up.3. Coding errors have been fixed, making QT snappier.

June 20 2022 – QT-DAB 4.4 updated

Today QT-DAB 4.4 was updated, in particular the map generated can now retain all locations of all received muxes, even if these locations are the same. See the example below of a scan at my QTH. Download Jan Van Katwijk’s QT-DAB 4.4 here (.exe and AppImage available).

June 17 2022 – QT-DAB 4.4 released

A few days ago QT-DAB 4.4 was officially released by Jan Van Katwijk.The location of received transmitters is now displayed on a map. How does it work (abridged from the manual)?The button “http” (or, if switched on “http on”) is switches a small server that sends the relevant data to port 8080 “on” or “off”.…

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