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August 29 2021- QT-dab 4.1 released

Jan Van Katwijk released QT-dab 4.1. A great scheduling tool has been added so you can now program as many automatic station switches as you want.You can also schedule shut-downs, recordings etc. Download QT-dab 4.1 here.

August 9 2021 – Using Ubuntu

After having dabbled in Linux years ago, I decided it was time again to find out how to use Linux in FMDAB DX, with my hardware (RSP1A, RTL-SDR and AirspyR2). I chose Ubuntu in a virtual machine (Virtual Box) and have a go at the Linux adventure. DAB Welle.ioEasiest to install was as it…

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July 24 2021 – QT-DAB 4.0 released

Today Jan Van Katwijk released QT-DAB 4.0.What’s new? Since the original version of 3.7 came, many changes have been applied. Latest changes were adding filters to Lime and rtlsdr handler and adding a button on the main widget. Download QT-DAB 4.0 here. Using and RTL-SDR some fiddling with the settings is needed and will definitely…

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July 22 2021 – QIRX 3.1.5 released

Clem Schmidt released QIRX 3.1.5. What’s new? Fix of the “Audio Loss” error.GUI: “Home” button, to reach the data directory easily.NFM Demodulator: De-emphasis of 750us.NFM, AM Demodulators: Audio Filter 200Hz – 4kHzRF Spectrum Display: X-Zoom position persisted. Download QIRX 3.1.5 here. View the QIRX history page here.