Month: July 2019

July 29 2019

MHz UTC ITU Program + Location Details Remarks km 72.47 1123 UKR Yaskrave Radio, Vinnytsya/VFKRRT, vul. Maksymovycha, 23 (VI) // web 1694km 70.91 1125 UKR Radio Mariya v Ukraini, Vinnytsya/VFKRRT, vul. Maksymovycha, 23 (VI) // web 1694km Map

RTL SDR and DAB – July 27 2019

The RTL SDR I ordered from Amazon arrived after 9 days. Why buying an RTL when you already own an SDRPlay 1A (metal cased) and an Airspy R2? When doing some DAB+dxing it’s vital to find out the TII (Transmitter Identification Information) code to pinpoint the location of the dx reception.  These codes can be…

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July 25 2019

DAB+ MHz Block UTC ITU Ensemble + Location Details Remarks km 202.93 9A 0458 G Trial Norwich, Norwich/Markham Tower (EN-NFK) 300km 201.07 8D 0505 F Dunkerque local, Dunkerque/Saint-Pol-sur-Mer (59) 165km 239.20 13F 0508 NOR NRK Reg3 SørRog, Greipstad/Eidsåvegen (va) 828km 229.07 12D 0510 G Peterborough, Stamford/Old Quarry (EN-LIN) 403km 209.94 10A 0511 D NDR NDS,…

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