Month: November 2019

November 14 2019 – QT-DAB 3.0 released

Jan Van Katwijk today released QT-DAB 3.0a; it replaces 3.0. which contained an annoying error. Download QT-DAB here. What’s new in 3.0a? 1. A hide/show button to toggle the control panel visibility. 2. Improved lay-out. Selected station is highlighted. 3. Selecting a service has been improved. 4. Navigating through the presets has been improved. Navigate…

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November 11 2019 – QIRX released

    Today Clem Schmidt released QIRX The release history can be found here. Download QIRX here. What’s new (abridged)? Bias-T in the “Settings” tab. Software Filter with adjustable and persisted bandwidth. Airspy now works also with a sampling rate of 2048000. The latest TII Log file can be viewed in a text…

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