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March 9 2021 – NESDR SMArTee v2 SDR

The NESDR SMArTee v2 SDR ordered from Amazon Deutschland arrived today. Specs: An ultra-low noise software defined radio, capable of receiving nearly ANY RF signal from approximately 25MHz-1700MHz. Includes SDR only! For a full package with an antenna bundle, please see Unmatched price & performance–redesigned PCB reduces noise by an average of a full…

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November 3 2020

New hardware. Today I replaced the RF-Market with two stacked logpers from Tipa CZE made by Emme Esse from Italy. The two logpers are stacked about 125 cm apart and linked together with the Emme Esse combiner. How are they stacked? Spacing: 147 cm apart. Each antenna is hooked up to the combiner with a…

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