Category: HARDWARE

November 3 2020

New hardware. Today I replaced the RF-Market with two stacked logpers from Tipa CZE made by Emme Esse from Italy. The two logpers are stacked about 125 cm apart and linked together with the Emme Esse combiner. How are they stacked? Spacing: 147 cm apart. Each antenna is hooked up to the combiner with a…

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RTL SDR and DAB – July 27 2019

The RTL SDR I ordered from Amazon arrived after 9 days. Why buying an RTL when you already own an SDRPlay 1A (metal cased) and an Airspy R2? When doing some DAB+dxing it’s vital to find out the TII (Transmitter Identification Information) code to pinpoint the location of the dx reception.  These codes can be…

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