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March 5 2024 – splitter

When comparing different DAB (or FM a.o.) receiving devices it’s helpful to connect them all to the same antenna at the same time making it easy to switch between devices.It did so when testing different SDR devices on DAB.I had a few splitters lying about and after some comparing the Keliiyo 4-way coaxial splitter produced…

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July 16 2022 – stacked FUBA

Today I replaced my stacked Emme Esse log-periodic band III DAB antennas. They were installed on November 3 2020 and they performed brilliantly. However they are extremely fragile and elements get easily bent. More details on the Emme Esse: click here. They are now replaced with two FUBA DAT 307 antennas. The Emme Esse elements…

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January 30 2022

QT vs QIRX – RSP1A vs R820T For DAB+ DXing QIRX and QT-DAB are great software, while RSP1A and RTL-SDR R820T are excellent hardware. The software is free thanks to excellent work from Clem Schmidt and Jan Van Katwijk.The differences between the set-ups are minimal and price-quality wise RTL-SDR R820T is a fantastic product for…

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November 15 2021

My old Stolle Multimatic rotator has some minor issues. After a couple of months of searching the Internet I found another one on Ebay. Year of build: 1974/1975! The rotator is brand-new in the box with a manual and a warranty card! Incredible. Not a single trace of even being used and working perfectly well.…

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