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July 16 2022 – stacked FUBA

Today I replaced my stacked Emme Esse log-periodic band III DAB antennas. They were installed on November 3 2020 and they performed brilliantly. However they are extremely fragile and elements get easily bent. More details on the Emme Esse: click here. They are now replaced with two FUBA DAT 307 antennas. The Emme Esse elements…

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January 30 2022

QT vs QIRX – RSP1A vs R820T For DAB+ DXing QIRX and QT-DAB are great software, while RSP1A and RTL-SDR R820T are excellent hardware. The software is free thanks to excellent work from Clem Schmidt and Jan Van Katwijk.The differences between the set-ups are minimal and price-quality wise RTL-SDR R820T is a fantastic product for…

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November 15 2021

My old Stolle Multimatic rotator has some minor issues. After a couple of months of searching the Internet I found another one on Ebay. Year of build: 1974/1975! The rotator is brand-new in the box with a manual and a warranty card! Incredible. Not a single trace of even being used and working perfectly well.…

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March 21 2021

Short visit today to Mont-Saint-Aubert in the Hainaut Province checking out the new 12B MUX.Equipment: laptop with QIRX 3.1.1 Beta, a short whip and the RTL-SDR (R820T2). The FM aerials are located on the roof of the Floreal building next to the local church. The DAB+ are located on this building (Cheval Blanc) 50 meters…

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March 9 2021 – NESDR SMArTee v2 SDR

The NESDR SMArTee v2 SDR ordered from Amazon Deutschland arrived today. Specs: An ultra-low noise software defined radio, capable of receiving nearly ANY RF signal from approximately 25MHz-1700MHz. Includes SDR only! For a full package with an antenna bundle, please see Unmatched price & performance–redesigned PCB reduces noise by an average of a full…

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