April 25 2023 – QIRX 4.0.8 released

QIRX 4.08 was released today by Clem Schmidt.

Download QIRX 4.0.8 here.
QIRX manuals: here.
Compare V3 vs V4  features here.
Mind: QIRX 4 is not free. You need a licence key.

What’s new?
Abridged listing of fixes and features. Check out the full listing on the QIRX history page.

  • Better TII collision recognition.
  • TII collision: all TIIs which are not unambiguously recognized, get now a Main Id of 99, and show the Sub Id.
  • Improved High-resolution TII spectrum.
  • New Airspy spectrum en driver. AGC doesn’t seem to work well after a first brief test.
  • Choose the new or old driver when using an RTL-SDR.
  • Pictures from a slideshow can saved. Setting in the config file.
  • Max hold function in the main spectrum view.
  • The DAB demodulator has a 1.54MHz FIR Bandwidth filter.
  • Enhanced Automatic Frequency Calibration.
  • Improved DAB Modulation Error Ratio MER.
  • Single Symbol and Single Carrier selections no longer in the Constellation Spectrum.
QT-DAB 4.6