December 13 2023 – Qt-DAB 6.30 update

Today Jan Van Katwijk released a minor update to Qt-DAB 6.30.

Download QT-DAB 6.30 from Jan’s Github release page.
Download the manual here.

What’s new?

  • Deselecting a service in the ensemble list no longer turns that service name into black instead of white as all other services. It didn’t look well in dark themes.
  • You can change the colour of the services in the .qt-dab.ini file.
    Simply add a line like fontColor=yellow in the [General] section. This option will also be added to the Configuration and control widget soon.
  • Minor code changes.
Deselecting colour change in old 6.30
Deselecting no colour change in new 6.30
Change the service name colour in the .qt-dab.ini