February 28 2020 – QIRX 3.2.2 released

What’s new?

  • RSPdx is now supported.
  • DAB Fine Frequency correction: It has been improved to be now accurate to better than 1Hz in the RSP’s, and about 7Hz in the RTL-SDR dongles.
  • TII high resolution spectra: These are now showing the carrier pairs with a very good stability.
  • TII and CIR: An algorithm has been added to associate TII Id’s with their corresponding CIR peaks.
  • EPG improved.
  • Multi EPG services.
  • Constellation: An I/Q data spectrum can be selected.
  • TII recordings: The bearings angle from the receiver to the station is now included in the TII logging file.

More details can be found here. Download (and more info) here.

QIRX 3.2.2

The default Viterbi.dll included in the QIRX 3.2.2 installer is not optimized to give better SymbolTime as explained in the QIRX download page.
You can find the improved Viterbi.dll on Github. The download zip is on the right hand side of this page.
Do check out which instructions set your cpu uses. My i7 supports SSE4.1, SSE4.2 and AVX2. It does not support AVX512.
The SymbolTime can be found in the QIRX main screen.

SymbolTime ms

Changing the Viterbi.dll made quite a difference in lowering the SymbolTime on my i7 cpu.