April 26 2020 – Qt-DAB 3.4.1 released




Yesterday Jan Van Katwijk released Qt-DAB 3.4.1. You can also download the dab-mini at the same time.
What’s new in 3.4.1.?
Qt-DAB 3.4 differs from 3.3 mainly in its internal structure.
Visible changes are the sub directory “dab-mini” in the source tree, a subdirectory for creating
a mini version of the Qt-DAB software (i.e. the same software with a mini GUI)
A second visible change is that – finally – I found time to write user documentation, the resulting user guide
to be found in the docs subdirectory.
Two windows installers are now available, one for Qt-DAB and one for dabMini (the latter still somewhat
Note that the continuous build contains the most recent sources and appImage. The windows
installers are derived from the continuous build.

What’s new in 3.4.1.?
3.4.1 does not differ that much from 3.4.
A few minor errors are removed, documentation is slightly adapted.
In the GUI there is one change: at the regular end of a scan there is a possibility of saving the result
into an ASCI encoded file, in a format that is readable by e.g. LibreOfficeCalc and similar programs.

Qt-DAB 3.4.1