January 20 2024 – Qt-DAB 6.40 Experimental

A new, experimental release of QT-DAB 6.40 by Jan Van Katwijk. There’s a new approach to the main Widget. Three columns: service, chan (the Block/MUX) and fav (favourites).

After selecting a MUX (1) the ensemble stations can be seen and selected (2).
There’s no longer a separate widget for the favourites. They are now located in the main Widget below the ensemble list (3). A favourite can be selected. Add or remove a * in the fav column to add or remove a station on this list.

At this time it’s not clear whether this approach to the main Widget lay-out will be the way to go in future development.

Download setup-qt-dab32-E.exe here.

Qt-DAB 6.40Experimental