June 29 2023 – QIRX 4.0.9 released

QIRX 4.09 was released today by Clem Schmidt.

Download QIRX 4.0.9 here.
QIRX manuals: here.
Compare V3 vs V4  features here.
Mind: QIRX 4 is not free. You need a licence key.

What’s new?

Abridged from the QIRX history page and observations.

  • Data from a strong mux are now quickly flushed from the widgets when tuning to the next empty mux.
  • Max-Hold function improved.
  • Saved Slideshow pictures have a better filename.
  • Size of Service logos is corrected.
  • Scrolling with mouse wheel through the services list is now possible (with a small screen or main window, of course).
QIRX 4.0.9