May 3 2024 – QIRX 4.2.2 released

Today Clem Schmidt released QIRX 4.2.2 with some nice updates and features.
Warning! I ran the installer and it all seemed nice except for the TII decoding.
It did not work at all, no matter what I tried, even running a repair install or deleting the config file and having QIRX make a new one.
Then I ran my trusted RevoUninstaller and completely deleted QIRX including folders and registry entries. To be safe I had a copy of the original config as I tend to make a lot of path changes.
RevoUninstaller didn’t touch the files in
After reinstalling QIRX 4.2.2 decoded TIIs again. Phew! Why did this happen?
There are some new DLLs in 4.2.2 and when installing 4.2.2 over 4.2.1 the old ones are kept and QIRX 4.2.2 tries to use these old ones too.
So uninstall 4.2.1 before installing 4.2.2!

What’s new in 4.2.2.? Two particular ones I’d like to mention.
1. There’s a new Block selector and the country selector is retained in the DB Browser.
2. RSPdx now retains the antenna selection and the Blocked Band choice. This last one is now also retained with RSP1A.

More details about this new 4.2.2 can be found on the QIRX history page.
Download the excellent QIRX 4.2.2 here.

QIRX 4.2.2