November 8 2021 – New QIRX 3.1.8

QIRX 3.1.8 by Clem Schmidt was released today. What’s new?

° Audio: Change from using NAudio to PortAudio, due to compatibility with .net5 and (coming) Linux.

° Logging: Change from log4net to NLog, due to compatibility with .net5.
The logging is now always active, the log can be activated and its level can be set in the “Settings” dialog.

° Temporary Database Files are deleted.

° Delta kHz: This was removed.

° qirx_audio V2.1: Program internally re-organized, due to rare conditions on slower machines.

° DAB Options Tab: Now visible also on File Replay.

° Raw File Replay: “Seek” slider now active also during Pause.

° Delta kHz edit field removed.

Full history details can be found here.

Download QIRX 3.1.8 here.

QIRX 3.1.8