February 17 2023 – QIRX 4.0.6 released

Clem Schmidt has just released QIRX 4.0.6 with some major fixes and improvements.

Download QIRX 4.0.6 here.
QIRX manuals: here.
Compare V3 vs V4  features here.
Mind: QIRX 4 is not free. You need a licence key.

What’s new in QIRX 4.0.6 (abridged from the QIRX history page)?

  • Multiplexes are now logged even if they have no entry in the database.
  • The AGC for RTL-SDR receivers is changed from “Software” to “Hardware”, as there are too little gain indexes for a “step-free” regulation.
  • Large logos.
  • Auto calibration.
  • Experimental High Resolution TII-CIR indication.

Before installing the new version, please first manually un-install the old one, to avoid problems.

If you forgot to un-install and 4.0.6 isn’t working properly (no TII and no widgets) run the installer (.msi) again and choose ‘remove’.
Then install 4.0.6 again.

QIRX 4.0.6


The upgrade from QIRX 4.0.5 to 4.0.6 caused a bug to appear.
Data from a strong mux is not flushed when tuning to an empty mux.
This will surely be fixed soon.

QIRX 4.0.6 bug