February 19 2023 – QIRX 4.0.7 released

QIRX 4.0.6 released two days ago contained a bug and this has now been fixed in QIRX 4.0.7 just released by Clem Schmidt.

Automatic calibrate has been moved to the sync tab.

Download QIRX 4.0.7 here.
QIRX manuals: here.
Compare V3 vs V4  features here.
Mind: QIRX 4 is not free. You need a licence key.

Before installing the new version, please first manually un-install the old one, to avoid problems.

If you forgot to un-install and 4.0.7 isn’t working properly (no TII and no widgets) run the installer (.msi) again and choose ‘remove’.
Then install 4.0.7 again.

QIRX 4.0.7
QIRX 4.0.7