January 2 2024 – Qt-DAB 6.40 released

Today Jan Van Katwijk released a Qt-DAB 6.40.
Qt-DAB 6.40 is a transitional release towards moving from 32-bit to 64 bit Windows releases.
The 6.40 64bit runs RTL-SDRV4 and not V3. There are two 32 bit versions: one for RTL-SDR V3 and one for V4.

Download QT-DAB 6.40 from Jan’s Github release page
What’s new?

  • The scanning code has been rewritten and the scan button optimised.
New scan widget
  • The number of buttons are reduced. The schedule button was moved to the ‘show controls’ widget (1). The content button (2), the technical widget button (3) and the mute button (4) are replaced are now clickable labels.
  • The label indicating the computer load disappeared, as well the label telling the estimated TII.
New in Qt-DAB 6.40