January 5 2024 – QIRX 4.2.1

Clem Schmidt’s QIRX 4.2.1 has been released today.
Download QIRX 4.2.1 here.
QIRX manuals: here.
Compare V3 vs V4  features here.
Mind: QIRX 4 is not free. You need a licence key.
Make sure you do have your licence key at hand when installing an update.
QIRX might ask you to input it. Also a backup of your QIRX config file could be useful when something goes wrong.

What’s new in QIRX 4.2.1? (Abridged from Clem’s QIRX History page)

QIRX 4.2.1
  • Enable/disable the gain slider when AGC (in)active. (1)
  • ADS-B is working again.
  • The DAB channel is added to a raw recording
  • Automatically stop current file playback and restart file playback when a new file is dropped into the QIRX window.
  • DAB Database Browser (2). Click here for a screenshot about its workings (from Clem Schmidt’s website).