June 22 2022 – Update QT-DAB 4.4.1

A small but interesting update for Jan Van Katwijk’s QT-DAB 4.4.1.
Download the .exe or the AppImage here.

The main GUI now is always on top, but this causes a problem for Windows users as Windows creates new widgets in the centre of the screen. Drag the GUI to a position away from the middle of the screen. Starting a scan will otherwise position a newly created widget behind the GUI and causing QT to crash, especially when the scan widget asks the user whether the scan has to be saved.

What’s new?

  1. The selected transmitter is now show at the top of the right hand side section.
  2. There’s a space between each transmitter saved on the right hand side.
  3. For each transmitter log distance and azimuth to your QTH are logged on the right hand side.

Updated QT-DAB 4.4.1