March 21 2021

Short visit today to Mont-Saint-Aubert in the Hainaut Province checking out the new 12B MUX.
Equipment: laptop with QIRX 3.1.1 Beta, a short whip and the RTL-SDR (R820T2).

Mont-Saint-Aubert Panorama

The FM aerials are located on the roof of the Floreal building next to the local church.

Aerials on Floréal roof

The DAB+ are located on this building (Cheval Blanc) 50 meters across the street from the Floréal hotel.

DAB+ aerials

TII 02 02 for 12B Mont-Saint-Aubert.

12B Mont-Saint-Aubert with TII 02 02.

Checking locals from Nothern France only 7A Valenciennes was received. Nothing from nearby Lille probably due to the short whip.

7A Valenciennes