September 29 2023 – QT-DAB 6.1

Jan Van Katwijk has just launched QT-DAB 6.1. I did not mention new 6.0 launched a week ago as there were shortcomings.
A new manual was also published and it should be checked out. Download it here.

What’s new in QT-DAB 6.1?

There quite a few code improvements. The GUI looks a bit different.

1. CPU load is shown.
2. The Spectrum button now opens a Widget with
3. previous widgets now shown in different tabs.
4. Options in the Configuration and controls are rearranged.
5. You can choose different GUI fonts.
6. The TII tab in the Spectrum widget now show different received TIIs, which was not the case in 6.0.

Qt-DAB 6.1

Download Jan Van Katwijk’s QT-DAB here.