Day: 23 June 2022

June 23 2020 – minor update QT-DAB 4.4.1

There’s been a minor update in the config settings of QT-DAB 4.4.1. Download Jan Van Katwijk’s QT-DAB 4.4.1 here. What’s new? In the config you can now set: Main Widget on top. This can cause QT to crash if you don’t move the main widget before starting a scan. No such problem when running the…

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June 23 2022

MHz Block UTC ITU Ensemble + Location Details Remarks km181.94 6A 0351 HOL Flevoland, Lelystad/Cellnex Toren (fle) 177km227.36 12C 0355 HOL NPO, Den Haag Kerkelanden (zho) 121km225.65 12B 0409 G BBC National DAB, Aldeburgh (EN-SFK) 254km225.65 12B 0409 G BBC National DAB, Ipswich/Mendlesham (EN-SFK) 285km190.64 7B 0426 HOL ALKMAAR, Alkmaar/Cellnex Mast (nho) 180km225.65 12B 0439…

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