Day: 20 June 2022

June 22 2022

MHz UTC ITU Program + Location Details Remarks km87.60 1536 E Candil Radio, Huércal de Almería (AND-AL) PI logged: EB02 1668km87.60 1538 E COPE, Granada/Sombrero (AND-GR) PI logged: E2CA PS logged: COPE__ 1669km87.70 1541 E Europa FM, Chinchilla de Montearagón (CAM-AB) PI logged: E2ED PS logged: EUROPAFM 1434km91.50 1543 E Onda Cero, Moratalla/Pico del Buitre…

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June 20 2022 – QT-DAB 4.4 updated

Today QT-DAB 4.4 was updated, in particular the map generated can now retain all locations of all received muxes, even if these locations are the same. See the example below of a scan at my QTH. Download Jan Van Katwijk’s QT-DAB 4.4 here (.exe and AppImage available).